Gary Vaynerchuk MOTIVATION #GrowDailyGems

I go to sleep early on Sundays because I am so eager to start working Monday morning. I don't think anybody should be like me. Boy are there enormous amounts of pressures and sacrifices that I recognize are just not healthy or valuable to anybody else, but it's also not healthy or valuable to me to do some of the things that you want me to do. Like, it's not fun for me to work 9-5.

I just want to cover a couple quotes out of order here that I think sum up this whole concept of self-awareness. All these goals are perfectly attainable, especially when you count on the unconditional support of a team of talented content marketing gurus and professional writers.

I am nearly finished, and the book is damn good. He tells it to you straight: to get what you want, you're going to have to work harder than everyone else who wants that too. I could feel myself rationalizing this mistake: it's okay, people will understand if you miss one day.

When Newlands arrived in the US from his native England, he was declared an Alien of extraordinary ability,” and it is clear from his click here monumental success as an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, investor, and business advisor that Newlands is someone from whom to take advice.

He also encourages those seeking help and guidance to do the work and hit the grind , while being intelligent in how they do it. Gary Vee has built his reputation and brand with his hard-hitting, no-frills advice, combined with his down-to earth approach.

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